We specialize in infertility treatment from a natural perspective. If you've been struggling to get pregnant and would like to address it with holistic methods first before trying invasive medical treatments like IVF, we'd love to work with you on trying to get you healthy, your hormones balanced, and if needed, also take it farther with things like more testing and medication as needed.

Preconception Care and counseling

If you are thinking about starting a family, and want your pregnancy to get off to an optimal start for a healthy outcome, consider doing a preconception visit with one of the midwives.

We'll be happy to give you recommendations and information so you can be as healthy as possible when conceiving and also during those early few weeks of the pregnancy that are so critical to the baby's healthy development. We'll talk about any supplements or vitamins you should be taking before conceiving (especially since they are the most important for the early first trimester) as well as if any medication you are taking might be problematic to continue taking during pregnancy. You can get your questions answered about any potential health issues that might interfere with your pregnancy. A preconception visit is a wise idea whether you plan to have your baby at a birth center or in the hospital and we are happy to see anyone, regardless of their pregnancy care plan.