In most medical practices, doctors don't do much to intervene or diagnose until you have had three miscarriages. Once you have had three miscarriages, insurance companies will pay for testing and treatment and everyone acknowledges that something isn't working correctly.

At FBW, we feel that the general practice of waiting for three miscarriages before taking you seriously is a sad way to practice. We'd like to prevent the very first miscarriage, or if you've had one, to do our best to prevent such a heartbreaking situation from happening again. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out why miscarriages keep happening, but there are several things that cause a lot of miscarriages that can easily be screened for.

We check for low progesterone issues (and treat your progesterone level during pregnancy if it is below optimal range), and clotting factors that may be leading to miscarriage and other things. We can also advise you on natural supplements that may help your body into a better state of health and help you carry a pregnancy to term.

If miscarriage is a concern to you, we are more than happy to set up a consultation with one of our midwives to review your health history, any relevant lab testing you have had done, and to discuss recommendations for testing and treating miscarriage.