Get Prepared for Childbirth!

  • Taught by an experienced Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator
  • Equip you and your spouse/partner to confidently enter labor with lots of proven techniques and strategies for getting through the intensity of contractions and pushing.
  • Information on risks and benefits of interventions that commonly happen in and out of the hospital so you can be prepared to make good decisions throughout the process.
  • Practice with positions and breathing and relaxation to help alleviate labor pain and help baby move through your pelvis as easily as possible.
  • Discussions and information about when birth doesn't go as planned (transfers, cesareans, NICU stays, etc)
  • Preparation for the postpartum period - healing and recovery after birth, postpartum depression and anxiety issues, breastfeeding challenges, techniques for helping fussy babies, sleep, etc.

Practical Information on a Host of Maternity Topics

Our Childbirth Education classes are taught by Shelly Burks, a Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator. These classes cover a wide range of subjects in a fun and interactive setting that provide valuable resources to new parents to prepare them for birth and postpartum.

We're passionate about leaving you equipped with lots of information to make decisions throughout pregnancy and birth, so you can feel confident and prepared to not just survive natural, unmedicated labor, but to be ready to handle it well. As a couple, you'll practice positioning techniques for helping with the pain of labor as well as positions that help your baby move down through the pelvis as easily as possible. You'll practice breathing and learn to relax instead of remain tense with pain. There will be information about promoting a healthy pregnancy and the normal physiological changes that will be happening to your body throughout pregnancy and labor.

The classes are geared towards couples planning a natural birth, but also cover risks and benefits of intervention in case birth doesn't go as you hope. You'll learn a lot about breastfeeding and common challenges and talk about postpartum healing, depression, and learn common sense techniques from an experienced mom for soothing fussy babies, getting enough sleep in spite of nursing your baby through the night, etc. Shelly has had babies by cesarean, VBACs (both naturally and with an epidural in the hospital), natural birth center births, and has personally experienced birth in practically every way it's possible to have a baby.