0% Interest Payment Plans

We have affordable prompt payment discounts available and convenient payment plans to work with your budget. For qualified individuals we offer 0% interest financing for up to 24 months.

Private Insurance Accepted

All major insurance payers accepted. We'll verify your benefits, submit claims for all services rendered and work hard to ensure that the whole process is smooth and easy.

Medicaid and Financial Hardship Discounts

We do not accept Medicaid, however we offer significant discounts to make our services affordable for low-income patients or those struggling through financial hardship.

Healthcare expenses are often unpredictable and expensive. We're committed to making healthcare affordable and accessible.

At Family Birth and Wellness, we realize that healthcare is often one of the most expensive and unpredictable expenses that you’ll encounter and it’s one of the reasons we’re passionate about keeping our business focused on serving our community rather than being centered around profit. We’ve structured our payment options to suit a variety of income levels and financial situations. In additional to accepting most major insurance, we also offer significant prompt payment discounts and hardship discounts to lower income families. We also offer 0% deferred interest financing for up to 24 months for qualified individuals.

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Income breakdown
Based on our 2016 Budget

Low-overhead Results in Better Pricing

Our budget priorities are keeping overhead and administrative expenses low and offering competitive wages and benefits to our awesome providers. This responsible use of resources reduces costs to insurance payers, to the consumer, and results in a better healthcare ecosystem.

We prefer to spend our resources on items that will directly result in better care for our patients which helps keep care cost effective. No extravagant administrative offices, executive salaries, or research buildings here.