Get to Know Us

Since our beginning in 2012, Family Birth and Wellness (formerly Better Birth Services) has grown from a small maternity care clinic into the largest birth center in Southwest Missouri. Over the last 5 years we've built an impeccable safety record as we've had the privilege of having hundreds of babies safely delivered in our center along with providing thousands of women's health services.

We've built a team of highly trained and skilled providers that are passionate about delivering a health care experience that is deeply personal and evidence-based. We believe birth is a natural process that is best supported by a team of experienced professionals that are there to monitor and encourage the process, and only intervene to the level medically necessary.

Personalized care and minimizing unnecessary intervention are several of the keys to our growth. As we continue to expand, we remain deeply committed to maintaining centered around serving you and being one of the best providers of women's health care in Southwest Missouri.

Mary holding baby Mary Walsh, CEO/CPM/CGP, holding a precious baby delivered at FBW

Our Mission and Values

We strive to be the best place in Springfield to have a baby and receive a diverse range of related health care services. But our mission goes beyond that — we want to partner with our peers in the medical field to promote a standard of care where the individual is treated with respect, given thorough and attentive care, and given the best possible medical options based on sound research and evidence.

Women should be given the option to pursue birth in an environment that promotes the physiological processes of childbirth without risky intervention when unnecessary.


We believe that our primary focus should be on delivering a patient-centered experience and never driven by profit and liability as the main decision makers. All too often medical decisions are driven by factors other than what's best for the patient. We applaud those in the medical field who make their care decisions based strictly on providing the best health care and build their practices around serving the patient.

Personalized and Attentive Care

Every woman's body and situation is unique. We want to spend the time necessary to get know our clients and learn about their medical history, personal preferences, and desires. We believe in delivering a warm and personal health care experience.

Integrity and Trust

Presenting evidence and medical research in a non-biased way so clients can make their own decisions based on the best available information. We don't believe in pressuring clients to make decisions, but rather presenting evidence to help her make an informed choice.

Giving to our Community

One of our important goals is helping those in emotional, financial, or physical need. We love being able to offer deeply discounted services for those in financial hardship, providing medical education and workshops on key health care topics, and and providing emotional support to those suffering. We want to give back to the Springfield community we are privileged to serve.

Mary prenatal appointment Mary Walsh, CEO/CPM/CGP, visiting with another wonderful patient

Amy Garrison, CNM doing prenatal visit Amy Garrison, CNM/CPM, in a prenatal visit with one of our clients while her toddler watches